AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and in the USA there were regular programmes shown on UK television, showing how mainly gay men there were affected by AIDS and a number of dying from AIDS. Usually as people were close to death, described people with AIDS as looking like they came from a concentration camps during war.

The most famous person to have died from AIDS was Freddie Mercury who died in November 1991. Unfortunately, Freddie died the day after he announced he had AIDS. Perhaps more internationally known, Anthony Perkins, the actor from Psycho died from AIDS in 1992.

In the UK the Government issued a leaflet delivered to every household in 1987. It had the strapline of Don’t die of ignorance.

Don’t die of ignorance

A leaflet that was delievered to every UK household. There was also a public information film campaign, which you can view here.

There were also a number of TV programmes discussing AIDS, two which we have found are “First AIDS” and “AIDS Your choice for life”. We have both programmes for you to watch, either as for the first time, or to remind you from years gone by. Both programmes have had subtitles added.

First AIDS

This is a programme with an audience, doctors treating people with AIDS and popular stars of the time.
Click here to watch a TV programme presented by Mike Smith about AIDS.

AIDS Your choice for life

This programme is more informational.
AIDS Your choice for life is another AIDS programme presented with Mike Smith and Vicky Licorish

The Age of AIDS

An American documentary.

Please click here to watch the full documentary, now with UK English subtitles.

Other programmes?

If you are aware of any other programmes or leaflets, please let us know, we would like to have an archive of materials, even if some of it doesn’t even mention HIV yet. We especially would like a copy of the Don’t die of ignorance leaflet in Welsh.