What is it?
Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If you’ve ever heard of a STI called the “clap” before, Gonorrhea is the “clap”.

Who can get it?
Anyone having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex. If you use sex toys you should make sure they are washed or covered with a fresh condom each time they are used. Use condoms for vaginal or anal sex and flavoured condoms for oral sex.

The bacteria enters the body via the womb (cervix), the tube that urine is excreted by the body (urethra) and recum.

If your pregnant you could pass on Gonorrhea to your baby.

What are the symptoms?
Usual symptoms are a thick green, yellow or white discharge from the penis or vagina. Pain on urinating, and for women, bleeding between periods.

Approximately 10% of infected men and 50% of infected women will not experience any obvious symptoms, so regular STI screening is advised.

How do I protect myself?
When having anal, vaginal, oral sex or using sex toys always use a condom. Flavoured condoms are available for oral sex or use a dental dam to cover the female genitals.

Treatment will involve an anti-biotic injection into your buttock and an anti-biotic tablet.

You should avoid having sex until you and your partner(s) have been treated and given the all clear. This will help prevent re-infection.

Having gonorrhea does not make you immune to further infections.