January 2020 Update: We have been informed that tests are no longer available from this site.  Please try FreeTesting.hiv


If you can’t get a free test from test.hiv but you do want to test, you could pay to order a test kit for £19.99 at test.me.

We will be doing a video showing you how to use the tests, but in the mean time, here are the official videos for each test.

The official instruction page can be found at https://www.test.hiv/instructions

Test.HIV kits have a use by date, and is roughly a month. They will contact you if you haven’t sent your blood sample

But if you are hard of hearing and need English Subtitles here they are:

Service introduction (with English subtitles)

Sample collection tip (with English subtitles)

We will be reviewing this test as soon as possible!