Bacterial Vaginosis

What is it?
Bacterial Vaginosis is not an STI but seems more common in women who are sexually active.

Who can get it?
Generally sexually active women, it’s possible to pass on Bacterial Vaginosis to other females but not to men.

What are the symptoms?
50% of women have no symptoms but those who do may have a white fishy discharge.

How do I protect myself?
As it’s not really a STI there is no way to protect yourself.

You are more likely to develop, should you:

  • Use scented soaps and bubble bath
  • Use strong washing detergents to wash your underwear
  • Use a vaginal deodorant
  • Are a smoker
  • You have an IUD fitted
  • Douche
  • Acidity of your vagina

Bacterial Vaginosis usually goes away itself but treatment with anti-botics, either as a single or a course of anti-botic treatment.

If you are given anti-botics, it’s possible that you shouldn’t drink alcohol with some of the anti-botic treatments possible, always check with your health care provider. Treatment can be given by gel or cream as well as anti-botic(s).

Bacterial Vaginosis is not serious unless you are pregnant and if you are pregnant you should tell your health care provider.