PEP or (post-exposure prophylaxis) is a 28 day course of treatment if you have had a high risk activity, like having had sex with a HIV+ person, condom failure with a HIV+ person or have had non consensual sex.

PEP is a course of two tablets, Truvada which you need to take every 24 hours and raltegravir which you need to take every 12 hours.

Usually the best place to get PEP is a GUM Clinic, but if it is the weekend, you should go straight to your Accident and Emergency department at the hospital. You need to take the medication ASAP, such as within 24 hours to within 72 hours, the quicker the better.

If your reading this after having been exposed to HIV and you are HIV-, please get to your A&E department NOW!

Normally you will be given a five day course of treatment at A&E and be advised to visit your GUM department for the rest of the treatment. The A&E department may ask if the person you have had sex with is undetectable. If they are undetectable – they can’t pass on the HIV virus to you.

If you now have just a five day course of treatment from the A&E department – remember, visit your local GUM clinic in order to get the rest of the course of medication. You will be invited for further HIV test(s) by the GUM Clinic after you have finished the medication.

If you need to need to speak to someone, then you can call the Terrance Higgins Trust on (0808) 802 1221, but they are open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 8pm, so if you need help outside these hours you could call 24/7 NHS helpline on 111, if you live in Wales, call NHS 111 Wales on 111 or in Scotland Call 111. If you are a British Sign Language user, please click here

If you have had non consensual sex and need further help and guidance, please visit Rape Crisis or you are a man who has had non consensual sex with another man, please visit Survivors UK