About Us

This is a website built by volunteers with the aim of making sure every sexually active person in the UK can access information about Safer Sex.

We will do this by providing that information in English (Saesneg), Welsh (Cymraeg) and British Sign Language (BSL). There are around 9 million people in the UK with a hearing loss and around 500,000 BSL users. If we have found videos without subtitles, then we will add subtitles to our YouTube channel to help our hard of hearing visitors.

We hope to have the:

  • English site finished by World AIDS day (1 December)
  • The Welsh version to be finished by St. David’s Day (1 March) or Dydd Santes Dwynwen
  • The BSL Version on date it officially recognised as a language (18 March)

If you have found any extra information you think we should include into the website, please contact us!

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